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‘I’ for intelligent: iQube is perfect for the iDog

This line of puzzle plush dog toys has been keeping dogs occupied and help eliminating boredom for the last 10 years. They challenge and develop your dog’s intelligence and problem solving skills. This is how they work: dog takes squeaky balls out of the plush cubes, you put them back in. Don’t forget to offer praise each round they successfully complete the hunt.

iQube Junior puzzle toy helps to satisfy dog’s natural instinct to search, stalk and capture its prey, strengthening eye and paw coordination skills. Replace balls over and over again, and the entertainment never stops.

Dogs can only see yellow, blue and grey.  The iQube and the squeaky balls are in 3 colours: yellow, blue and red, specially designed to maximise the your dog’s colour vision ability.

Features that we love:

  • Dog toys that sharpen your pup’s mind and body coordination
  • Fulfil dog’s natural instinct to hunt
  • Comes with 3 squeaky balls and a plush iQube
  • Replacement balls in a set of 3 can be purchased separately when old balls are ‘killed’
  • Durable and reusable toy for endless fun


  • Height: 12cm, width 12cm, depth 12cm (approx.)

Let the hunting begin, bond with your dog over highly intelligent games!

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