Measuring your dog is as easy as 1, 2, 3! The 3 main measurements are NLCNeck, Length, Chest.

First, get a measuring tape. If you don’t have one, simply use a piece of string or a fine rope and then measure against a ruler.

NECK - Measure your dog’s neck circumference. Not too pull the measuring tape too tight or too loose.

LENGTH – Measure your dog’s length from the base of neck to the base of tail. Shirts are usually meant to fit mid waist, while sweaters and jackets normally fit just before the base of tail. The underneath part of the garment is always sewn shorter to allow for you pooch to go to bathroom easily.

CHEST - Measure your dog's chest circumference just behind their front legs at the widest part.

Once you have their measurements, refer to the sizing chart on the product pages to select the size that best fits your pup. Please note that the sizing can differ from each products as they are produced by different amazing pet fashion labels from around the world.

If you are stuck with choosing a size, no problem, just contact our professional Pet Fashion Stylist, who will get back to you with helpful advice!